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I am a game modder and in my free time a "One Man game studio". Since 1995, I've been doing different things in different games. For example: Duke Nukem 3d, Blood, Quake, Quake 2, Unreal Series... I am currently working on my VR projects. And on a normal 3D game, with the support of some streaming communities. All current information about my projects is on my Discord and Youtube channel. If anyone would like to support me in my projects, I will be glad for any contribution.

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My SE VR World Demo


In the "SE Modding" section I will write some news for modders about new or fixed things for modding.

And "my own" guide for modding, for those who want to start making mods in SpaceEngineers.


In SE Modding is now active - News for Modders, What you need, Textures

In News for Modders are now: HOLO textures, Emissive material, LOD models, new character setting, bad icons fix script